I’m a writer living in Tempe, AZ, examining food and hunger, and how it’s connected to climate, labor, and poverty.

My background is in journalism and I’ve worked as a freelance writer and editor since 2014. I run a copywriting and editing studio called Kindred Word and my writing has appeared in Orion, BOMB, Write or Die Mag, The Rumpus, Autofocus, Rejection Letters, and elsewhere.

me looking at the camera against a stucco wall

What’s The Good Enough Weekly?

I send out an essay every other Friday, alternating with a short note filled with my reading and cooking links. I believe that building a just and sustainable world requires all kinds of work and my writing focuses on ways people are already working toward a liberated world in the areas of food, climate, housing, and caregiving. I am planning to focus more on Arizona issues (heat, drought, farming, gentrification, the damage done by westward expansion and its ongoing impact) that end up being global concerns.

Now is as good enough time as any to build a new world, and we are good enough to impact change.

“I come here with notes but without absolute conclusions. This is not a sign of loss of faith or hope. These notes are the marks of a struggle to keep moving, a struggle for accountability.” Adrienne Rich, Notes toward a Politics of Location (1984)

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Writing about food, work, & worthiness. Living in Tempe, AZ.